What should I do?

Okay..so in a party there was this really nice guy and we started flirting, during the whole party we were very close together and then we made out. We were both a bit drunk and while we were making out and suddenly out of the blue he stopped and told me he had a girlfriend, but he then continued kissing me. I leaned off him and left him lying there. I feel horrible about his girlfriend as I had a similar experience in the past when my ex boyfriend cheated on me.

Should I just stay quiet about this as if nothing had happened?


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  • Ok I had a similar experience with a girl I met at a party. She was a nice girl and fun to talk to, started making out with me. Then I found out she had a boyfriend and was like what the f*** and bailed. Besically don't worry about it, its not your fault in anyway, both of us were more or less lied to. Don't beat yourself up about it.

  • Ignore it and move on. You did nothing wrong.


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