I left my heart with an exchange student?

...and she took it back home with her. OK so enough with the 80's teen drama. It was my senior prom, less than a month left of school, I had no idea who this girl was she wasn't even my date. That night we hit it off, talked all night and even slept together (not sex but you know). We never had sex and I only kissed her once. The last day she was in the states I kissed her at the airport. I never thought that these sort of things actually happened in real life. The problem is she's been gone for 2 years. We used to talk occasionally through fb and once or twice on the phone. Should I let this girl go? or don't let this slip? I've had gfs before but never felt even close to them as I do her. Is this the real thing? or is it just a hard crush? I can't give up on this girl. one day I'll visit south America. Anyone been in a similar situation or just wants to talk


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  • don't pressure her, but keep up conversations and make sure you don't completely get out of touch.

    • That's pretty much been the standard, I'll make sure sure I have a little bit of cmmunication thanks tho

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  • it's unrealistic. you need to find a girl that lives in this country, that you can actually do things with


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