Why is my ex so mean to me months after?

Long story short I was with my ex for ten months and he broke up with me out of the blue and I just found out recently from her that he left me for her pretty much. Like they were texting while we were still going out. For some reason his ex tried to follow me on Instagram even after I deleted them off all social media and then she saw me in public and tried to say hi like nothing was wrong. She was also my friend in high school so it was just a betrayal on both their parts. I'm at a baseball game yesterday and I was super wasted. I get a text from him saying "hey did I see you at the game?" I deleted his number so I was like "yup who's this?". He gets all mad and is like "f*** you you know it was me by the way (ex's name) wants to say hi". At this point I'm like dude whatever f*** off focus on your girl and then they are texting from his phone so they're like "we saw you staring at us and we just wanted to say hi but you disappeared oh well" first of all I was so wasted that if I did make eye contact I definitely didn't realize it. Then the morning after he messages me this long paragraph about how we made eye contact and it's annoying how I won't admit it and he knows I saw him cause apparently I gave him a face that I always used to give him? He's like you don't even drink and even if you were drunk you would remember that f**** eye contact. And he kept swearing in this text by the way. I didn't respond. What I don't get is that they both betrayed me and he broke up with me yet they are being such horrible bullies to me. Like did he realize that I've moved on and am at a baseball game and am more outgoing now and he can't accept the fact that I didn't acknowledge his presence? Like why even text me? Why is he so mad about it?
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shoot when I said ex in the beginning I meant his new girlfriend and also by her I meant his new girlfriend my bad
Why is my ex so mean to me months after?
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