Girls, Girlfriend and I?

So we broke up over religion. She wants a guy more involved with God and a guy that has God as number one and everything else comes after. I have come a long way with trying to provide this to her a relationship with God but I felt unable to ever please her with how far I have come. So we were great as a couple but when it came to faith we could not make it work. In the beginning intimacy with eachother had no boundaries but eventually this started to bother her and she brought up this topic two months later and I agree to stop because of respect for her and because I was falling for her. So time goes on and we have plenty of slip ups but eventually the slip ups taper off and every now and than we would slip up on oral intimacy but no further than that. So this brings us to the break up she felt that I have not made enough progress with the walk of God and I told her that I'm not able to give my time 24/7 to God because I'll be going to school very soon 4 days a week 8 hours day and told her I'm only able to actually read the bible on Sunday's because of work gym come home shower eat and study for school coming up that way I will be prepared when the time comes. After telling her that I also told her when school comes that's all that will be on my mind and the only thing important to me just for a year and at that moment is when she told me that's not enough for me I need someone who has God as number one. I don't hate her at all for how things worked out between us I respect her decision to go separate ways The thing is I'm still in love with her and I'm constantly thinking of her It's been officially a week now but a rocky month before the break up


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  • Don't change for anyone. Find someone who will love you the way you are.

  • Jesus.. Seems like she has high standards.. lol


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