Girlfriend won't move in with me?

So I wanna rent a flat & I asked my girlfriend to move in with me but she said she won't as I don't know the first thing about renting or bills & it would be like living with a 6 year old I wasn't happy when she told me this I do know how to pay bills & how renting works but she isn't convinced how do I make her see that I can do it?


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  • If she's simply unwilling to take your word for it, then draw up a plan outlining your finances. What you have going in and what's going out. Detail your expenses like rent, groceries, etc. Show her how you plain to maintain the flat and your life style. It should help convince her that you are serious about what you say.


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  • yes, big move.

    shes not ready yet.

    either that - or you really are irresponsible and in denial.

    so, get off the dang computer and prove it to her you not the loser she thinks you are.


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  • -Perhaps she doesn't think you are mature enough, but then, you could tell her that if you don't move out how are you going to mature?

    -Perhaps she doesn't want to move in with you and is coming up with an excuse...maybe she's not ready for this leap in the's a big move...

  • Do it on your own for a bit, then she will know.


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