Is it healthy being friends with my ex boyfriend after 19 years?

I broke up with my ex 19 years ago when we was teens and we recently contacted each other on Facebook. I am now with someone and I have 3 kids by this person I am with now. I have been with him for 19 years but I am not happy with this person. My ex has now been married for 1.5 years no kids but he wants me to stick around and be friends with him, he tells me he is friends with all of his ex's and it is OK with the wife. I wonder does he really love her? He says he does but I don't understand why he wants me to be his friend and not just tell me to have a nice life. He said he didn't want to loose me twice.


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  • After 19 years and you guys just started talking again? Sounds legit to me.

    Go seek counselling with your husband and keep this ex at a distance, don't allow him to interfere with your family.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • It's only unhealthy if it's preventing you from moving on with your dating life.


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