Is it okay to tell my ex (whom I broke up with) that I'm jealous beyond reason of her date?

I don't wish to get back with her, in fact I dare say I'm better off without her (regardless of how I still feel).

Today after school she was telling us she got a date. She said his personality is shit and that he's lucky she said yes to him but she also took a moment to fawn over his muscles.

*shitty personality..
*Lucky she said yes...

I think it's safe to assume she's going to end up sleeping with him if my knowledge of girls is serving me well (I hope to God that it isn't).

Needless to say it ruined my day. She sees me as a friend now but I'm not completely over her... not one bit. I just want to get it off my chest. I won't try to manipulate her into not going on the date but I still need to get everything out. I want to put some weight off my shoulders. But I don't know if it's right considering I broke up with her.


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  • First, if she said that in front of you she was hoping you were jealous. But, if you express this she will think you want to get back together with her. Also, it is not okay to tell her that, you broke up with her and who she dates is not your concern anymore. It's a typical you don't want her but don't want others to want her. Unfortunately though, you have to deal with that and its not her problem.


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  • There really isn't any point in telling her this if you don't wish to have her back. You can't just take the weight off your shoulders in order for someone to potentially feel really shitty. And not really your business who she goes out with

  • If you broke up with her and you dont want to get back together with her then it doesn't serve any purpose to tell her not to date him. You can't control her or her vagina and why should you want to? live your life


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  • You broke up with her, and you also feel you're better off without her. SO yeah, I don't understand why you need to feel jealous. She is out of your life, and that was your decision anyway


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