How do I break up with him? Should I even?

My boyfriend of about 5 months is being really rude, mean, and annoying. He's being immature with his friends, even though he can clearly see it's bothering me. He then gets possessive when I'm hanging around other guys, just friends, and gets mad at them (as well as at myself) and tells them to stop talking to me. He even calls my friends bad names, and says how much he hates them. And ten he acts clueless. He's so frustrating, because acts like he does nothing wrong and I'm the bad guy.

Before we started going out we were good friends, and he wasn't such a jerk. I keep hoping that he'll change but I know deep down he's not. The part that's upsetting me the most is that he still looks at me with love in his eyes, and when I'm leaving he says 'wuv ya'. It makes me feel so guilty because I know that I can't respond the same, I can barely respond I like you. I mean love him like a brother, but not the way he's talking about.

I know deep down I should break-up with him, but I just can't bring myself do it. I'm too nice, as everyone says. But perhaps in this case I'm the meanest of them all, I'm leading him on, I and I know its wrong. I just can't do it, because I still want to be friends, but I'm afraid we won't be able to, I might not even be able to continue being friends with some of his friends that are my friends too. HELP Me !

I'm already going through a lot and he is not helping.
How do I break up with him? Should I even?
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