Should I dump my boyfriend because he doesn't find me attractive?

This kinda bothers me but in the beginning when he was chasing me, he would tell me I'm beautiful and cute. That made me believed that I was beautiful and cute and it bolstered my self esteem so much. But a while ago, I found out that he had lied to me about finding me beautiful. He said that in the beginning, he didn't find me that pretty at all. That really made me mad because he shouldn't have let those words out and have me false confidence if he didn't mean it. I tried telling him how big of a deal it was to not fake compliment me but he acts like its no big deal. But it hurts me inside and I can never believe it when he tells me I'm beautiful anymore.

I told him not to do it again; giving me that false sense of confidence and he was like okay. But he would still keep calling me beautiful sometimes and that pissed me off again and I called him out on it. He told me that why can't he call me beautiful when he mean it? That really made me mad because he obviously didn't mean it again. If he didn't found me physically attractive in the beginning, why would he find me physically attractive now? I know he's lying. A person just doesn't go from a 3 to an 8 all of a sudden.

I told him that I would never believe him if he calls me beautiful again and that I would rather believe other guys who compliment me, and he said "ok I don't care, I just want to compliment you when I feel like it".

I want a guy who truly finds me beautiful, not just because of my personality or anything, but about my physical appearance. I want him to feel like the luckiest guy ever when he's with me. But my boyfriend apparently doesn't find me as his ideal. I keep thinking of all the girls who could potentially be his ideal and I find that our relationship may not be stable because he may dump me and go for another girl.

beauty is subjective of course. There are plenty of guys out there who has find me beautiful/gorgeous. I feel like I might be much happier with these guys.

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So my question is, should I dump him? I want a stable relationship and physical appearance plays a big part of it. He deserves to be with a girl he finds beautiful and I deserve someone who finds me truly beautiful.
Should I dump my boyfriend because he doesn't find me attractive?
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