Should I give it another chance?

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Okay so basically I am a junior and my ex is a senior. We've been friends for 5 months, dated for 2. Things moved fast and were amazing because we are so similar, love all the same activities, want to end up living in the same place, same music just so compatible. He'd always say he wished he met me sooner and not right before graduation. One night out of nowhere we were about to have sex and he freaked out and broke up with me because "he was getting to attached and leaving and felt like we should stop this now so that its not painful down the long run". i thought this was dumb cuz we had 3 weeks left but agreed. After thinking about it i felt that it didn't match up because he kept hanging out with me during the day but just was weir about sex. So after about 4 days of being "broken up" i went to a party one night and saw him there and he was with me the whole night, acted like we were together and i slept over and stayed there til noon cuddling the next day. I thought maybe he came to his senses but then he acted really weird again. I confronted him about it and was like whats your deal and he broke down and told me that the real reason he ended things with me that night was because the night before he drunkenly had sex with his ex and he didn't know how to tell me because he didn't want to lose me but he couldn't have sex with me after doing that cuz he felt so guilty so he ended it.
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never mind it won't let me post part 2 don't respond
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wait kidding
Should I give it another chance?
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