Why Do Women Stay Attached To Their Ex?

I've noticed this. Like, every woman I have ever dated or gone out on dates with would bring up their ex out of the blue. This has happened often.

Also... if you look at TV shows, like the George Lopez show (I know this isn't real life)... even after Angie's ex dumped her years ago, she was interested in seeing him again, grabbing coffee and talking to him, which really annoyed George.

My mom does the same thing as well. My parents men and got married 29 years ago (I am 25)... so you would think that is a long time to move on and forget about your ex. When my mom got Facebook for the first time, the first she did was add her 2 exes and talk to them, which really bugged my dad, especially because he has issues with one of the exes when he first started dating my mom.

Why do women do this?
Why Do Women Stay Attached To Their Ex?
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