Please give advice?

Hi guys, some advice would really be appreciated, me and my boyfriend just split up, I asked to talk to him because I had worries, he seemed quite easy come, easy go and I was feeling hurt as we were sleeping together. My relationship status was changed but his was still single , he works but does some amateur photography in his spare time, this started as landscape photography but more recently he has been photographing models and doing some glamour shoots. This is all hobby, not paid work. I've children and we discussed tonight how hard it was for me to see him at times, he said that if when meeting my children if they were really difficult, we'd split. I asked for him to take me home, on the way I said that I was good enough to sleep with but nothing more, he asked should we call it a day and I said yes. He tried to linger when we arrived back but I just said goodbye and left very quickly, I've deleted Facebook and his number. What just happened? I'm so confused
Please give advice?
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