How to stop loving a sociopath?

I fell in love with a compulsive liar, sociopathic man who fucks a bunch of women. How do I stop having feelings for him?
I recently cut all connection with him.
Sometimes I think about him though and my heart hurts.


Most Helpful Guy

  • you won't change if you didn't win from your inside, accept what happened as a lesson to win and to live happy from outside.

    look at the bright side... you finally realize people aren’t always what they seem to be. the positive thing that has happened is you’re no longer that naive and gullible person who believed everything others wanted them to believe. you finally begin to look beyond facades. you'll never be blind in love again.

    make that pain gives you the hope to start all over again.
    give yourself space to connect with your friends, take double shift at work or visit a patient child with gift to give etc. that will make you feel good about yourself.

    Good luck...


Most Helpful Girl

  • If he's a compulsive, sociopathic fucktard I doubt your interest in him is truly "love", but likely fascination and infatuation. You may simply be tantalized by this bizarre, unfamiliar type of person and the fact that he's "broken", and love the idea of him falling for you. It's a romantic idea, but if he gives you no sort of affection back, I don't see how you could love him.

    Remind yourself of all of the hurt he caused you. Relive every lie, every time he fucked around, and every time he just made you feel like shit. Live in that place in your head if you have to until you realize what a shithead he is. Then refuse to let him back into your life, worry about you and your happiness until he is noting more than a distant memory.


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What Guys Said 2

  • You need to meet other guys. Literally approach guys by just being feminine and know what it feels like to bask in their attention.

    The issue is you feel like you have no value because you can't change his ways, but you keep trying to. It won't work. It's a trap in a fairy tale.

    I've had the same issue, and by approaching girls my ability to move on has improved dramatically. You need to match his options in order to be on par with him mentally.

  • let's be real. ur liek the millionth one to experience this. nothing u can do


What Girls Said 1

  • Block him from everything. Never let him back in. you'll most likely always have some importance to him as thats just how they are. They hold strong emotions in and i dont know that they ever truly let go of those emotions or love for you. But what i do know is you have to be the one to block them out.


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