He has disappeared. How do I manage it?

I was literally pretty much in a relationship with this guy. We texted every day, saw each other all the time were super happy.
For a few months he has been very weird, sad, on & off. He will be cute & cuddly, then back off.
But now he has just disappeared. Without any contact for the last 3 days (which may not seem like long but is very out of character for us)

He clearly isn't on the same page as me right now. He was having personal issues and i just don't think he is ready for the relationship i was trying to have with him.

I'm in two minds about how to handle it:

1. Just don't communicate with him, try and move on, cry into my pillow but accept he is gone
2. Message him the below for some sort of closure.

"____ I feel sad and hurt. I would rather you be honest with me than go MIA. I know you're in a bad place at the moment & I never meant to get in the way of your life at all. I had an amazing summer with you but i can't be f***ed around like this so I think it's best if I gracefully back out until you actually (if ever) want me to be a part of your life"

What do you think?
He has disappeared. How do I manage it?
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