Will we ever get back together?

So it has been a month of absolutely NO CONTACT. I really want to talk to him. I've done a lot of thinking and I feel like I know the reason for the break up. But I'm afraid he won't talk to me because we had an extremely bad break up. I love him so much and I know people get back together after the worst break ups. BUT I don't know. Anyway, how would I even get back into his life to talk to him. I don't want to look desperate. I feel like I should wait another few weeks since he wanted to be single for a while. I don't know I'm so lost and confused. HELP ADVICE!


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  • hey same thing is happening with me and my ex girlfriend. its been about a month and a half of the break up. we have talked but it turned into arguements so I waited about couple weeks so she could "cool" down . anyways just start slowly don't rush into conversation to kick just take it easy when you talk to him. talk about something that has happpened and would like to know their opinion on it etc... this has hepled sorta that we have been able to have a normal conversation without fighting. its going to be hard because there is going to be soo much that you want to say but remember try to end on a good note in the conversation. I truly believe that love endures all things, love never fails.

    • Thanks! I truly love him and don't know what to do. it's hard because we don't have the same circle of friends and we don't cross paths ever. so if I were to go see him at his job (the only way to see him) it would be obvious what I am trying to do. :( grrr but I will have to try if I want him back.

    • Try talking to him on the phone or msn etc... before seeing him in person especially when the only way of seeing him is at his work, because he could be surprised and be a bit annoyed you know? but talkto him and see if he want to meet up or something but don't presure him into it but tell him you want to. if you truly love him fight for him, and he'll realize how special you truly are.

    • Thank you so much. I just hope he answers the phone. :(

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