Why did he suddenly start behaving all hostile towards me?

I was dating this guy for about 1,5 years. He used to be all sweet and affectionate and caring. But he went through some big life changes and got all stressed out and we didn't really see each other. I tried to be patient and understanding, but at some point I had to ask him where do I fit in the picture. He thought it'd be better if we were just friends for now, until he gets his life back together. I was disappointed but didn't make a big deal out of it and agreed so that he wouldn't have more things to stress about.

First everything went fine, I gave him his time and space to figure things out, but was there if he needed me. But after two weeks he started acting all passive aggressive and angrily stating in social media how he's single now. This new attitude caught me by surprise. Few days later he jumps into a new relationship and starts flaunting it to my face through social media. Telling how it's amazing and wonderful but appearing in the pics with a pissed off look. It hurt like hell, but I had agreed to being just friends so I didn't feel I had much to say about it. I behaved like an adult and backed away, trying to collect myself. I took some time off from social media and started hanging more with my friends.

After few weeks flaunting this new relationship and flirting openly with every other girl, according to my friend, he started calming down. Next thing I know he's hanging with my university friends and commenting on all their Facebook statuses and making a huge deal out of it. Going to places I used to go and making statuses about things we used to talk about, liking my old Facebook profile pics etc. All the while still being with this new girl. I care for this guy a lot, but he makes me so mad and frustrated and I really don't feel like being in contact with him. At least for now. I had hoped we could be at least friends.

Why is he doing this? What does he want? How am I supposed to react?
Why did he suddenly start behaving all hostile towards me?
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