Why, after 8 years and married, did my ex-boyfriend make up a fake profile to find me on FB to find me?

I know, but he's 27 and very successful and probably the nicest most honest man I have ever met. We had a amazing relationship and got along so well it was incredible. The only problem and the main reason we broke up after almost 2 years, was because we were young. We had just graduated high school and were both enjoying life after school and got a point in our lives that didn't have the same outlook. He moved away about a year later and got a girlfriend which a couple years later he ended up marrying. I heard this all through acquaintances.

He contacted me like three times in 2 years. One of them was telling me he was married and she was pregnant. He wanted to me but we both decided it wasn't a good idea.

So now, after 8 years find out that this random message I received from a guy I didn't know on FB was really my ex-boyfriend. He created a profile with some made up info just to talk to me. We talk/text couple times both of with were 3 hour conversations. They were all reminiscing about the past and how much fun it was. He wanted be to remember him and he even admitted that he has always thought about me. He told me I was better than being "the other woman" and he was scared told him that because I was in a relationship and he was married even tho my current boyfriend and I aren't doing so well I will be mad at myself later. All he is doing is just saying "hi" I told him I will always love him and he told me that he respected me and he is proud of me and don't let this guy now walk all over me. He said this won't be the last time he will talk to be and he will check in on me from time to time.I cried my eyes out because I don't know if that meant I finally let him go since he is married or if its because I am still in love with him and want him back.WI need to know why he called in the first place,was it really just wanting to know how I was doing? Or was it more?

I need some more advice can anyone else give me some input? Thanks


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  • Wow that's deep.

    Well as far I know everyone misses their exs even I miss my exs. I try to catch up with them from time to time.

    I wouldn't go as far to make a fake profile to talk to someone maybe he misses the times you guys had, and it seems like he wishes he wasn't with the girl he's with now.

    When I still had feeling for my ex I would look up her MySpace to see how she was doing.


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  • The guy is still interested it seems, but damn, he is married with kids after all. You don't want to break up his family do you? I think you should try to forget him, as hard as that might be for a while. Get a guy without the baggage. He sounds pretty selfish to be honest with you.


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  • hey there, to me it really sounds like he still has feelings for you aswell and that he probably would like to be more than just friends. but now that he's married and has a child he should really make up his mind what he really wants because its not really fare on anyone involved! have you asked him what he really wanted in the future? please don't have an affair because you know that this would only end really badly...

  • He sounds like he still cares about you, and thought you were the better girl for him all along.

  • In the past I have gone and checked in with old boyfriends. Not because I was in love with them still, or had intention of getting things going again- merely just to say hi and talk about the past. He is married. So whether his intentions were more then just saying "hi" (that possibility based on the fake profile- maybe his wife wouldn't be comfortable with him talking to an ex assuming she is on his real Facebook- you'll never know)- it would not be right for you or he to act on them. Being that you had such the emotional reaction- your feelings are still there. Its better to let the past live in the past. He is right in saying not to let your current boyfriend treat you badly. But sometimes saying hi, is just that.

    • Thank you for the advice =)

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