I have to see an ex tomorrow under undesirable situations. How do I do this?

I broke up with a man I had been seeing for years in January because I found out that during the period of time we were separated last year he got his ex wife pregnant (they already have another child). Since then we have not spoke and I am dating someone else. I work at a hospital and found out today that his ex was admitted to give birth and she has no insurance and since I work for that department I'll have to visit her AND HIM to gather insurance information. We live in a big city and out of all hospitals she had to give birth at the one I work for! This is opening up these emotions and anger I thought I had supressed... I don't know how to handle seeing him and acting like I don't know him?


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  • First off, that sucks! I'm sorry that you have to deal with that. I'm assuming there isn't anyone else that can take you place? Could you make a phone call? I think that if I was in your situation I'd show up, be polite and be FAST. Ask the questions you need and that's it. I wouldn't comment on the baby, or the relationship. Good luck!


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