Should I break up with my "fairly new" girlfriend, because she doesn't treat me well?

Alright so im a 16 year old male, i was wondering if someone could give me an advice on this situation that i have. I appreciate your help :)
Me and this girl have been talking and snapchatting each other for quite some time (around 7 months) and i always had feelings for her. But later on she started changing but i was still in love with her. So just this past 1 and a half weeks we confessed to each other and i asked her to be my girlfriend ( Im her first real boyfriend) and i also took her first kiss. But I only get to see her once every 2 weeks because we live quite far from each other, maybe like an hour drive. So we snapchat each other a lot. But since i started to be her boyfriend, I've noticed that she's always pissed and in a bad mood and no matter what i do i can't make her feel any better and she just kinda treats me like "shit". All I've done to her is be nice and supportive and try my best to be the best boyfriend that i could be to her. I just feel like i noticed now how unfair this relationship is, its like i dont really get any love back from her. She says she loves me so much but only on her good mood. And i dont want to breakup with her but i feel like she has changed but i still love her for some reason, but i dont feel like i deserve how she's treating me. I also dont want to breakup with her because at one point i was convinced that i was gonna stay with her for years and that im dedicated to making her happy, but i dont know how long my patience can take me till i snap at her. Please give me some advice about this.
Should I break up with my "fairly new" girlfriend, because she doesn't treat me well?
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