Still love my ex who left me , is there anyway to have her again?

We were in a 3 years relationship until she fond out about my affair (I know it was my fault and was wrong) but she left me rather than stay and try to fix or gives me another chance. Now she is engaged to another guy and I still love her and miss her. I want to be with her once again and make her happy if she gives me another chance.


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  • You gotta just forget her and move on. You messed it up and she moved onto someone else. Affairs hurt all involved, just don't do it.


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  • Don't waste your time. She's your ex for a reason... trying to get back with someone is almost never worth it. I never went out of my way, and several of my exes wanted to get back with me. I regret the one time I actually gave one of them a second chance. You need to move on and find someone new, and remember not to cheat.


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  • dude, i really hope you leave this girl alone, she is engaged.

    you had your chance.

    sorry my friend, time to move on.

    • I'm jealous to her fiance he has all the love that was belong to me before.

    • yes, but you cheated on her bro, that was wrong so this is how you pay the price.

      I cannot advice you to talk to her, that would be wrong. so again, move on bro

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