Ok to text him now; Im missing him?

We broke up 3 fridays ago tomorrow. I miss him greatly and I do want him back. He was the one to break up with me but I don't know if he is having second thoughts, misses me or regrets it. He texted me last Friday to se how I was doing I responded the next day with an ok. He has been on facebook frequently; something he never really does. Could he be looking at my profile to see if I have been doing anything. Do guys do that? Well anyway I do miss him and wish we could have a second chance but im not sure if thats ever going to happen so I am not holding my breath but is it ok to text him to tell him that I miss him since he opened the line of communication. Im not saying telling him that will do anything I just want to tell him how I feel. Has anyone ever broken up with anyone and then they came back after awhile?


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  • You're only keeping yourself from moving on. If he wanted you back, he would have told you so. He's the one who broke up with you so it's safe to assume that he's not regretting it, nor missing you. And if he misses you, chances are he's doing so because it's always hard to break contact with someone you've known for a while, even if you don't have feelings for them anymore.
    Just move on and stop this wishful thinking, it's only preventing you from being happy.

  • Well, I broke up with a guy and said I wanted to be friends (I didn't, but I didn't know that at the time), and then I think he got the idea that I just needed some time. He ended up texting me and saying he wanted to get back together, so I tried to let him down as easily as I could. It's not uncommon for your ex to text you after breaking up, I guess. My situation is different, I guess, because I broke up with him. However, I didn't mind so much that he was texting me, it just allowed us to communicate. I guess I didn't express myself right the first time.

    So I would say it would be ok to text him and say 'hey I miss you. I understand if you don't want to be with me, but I'm just letting you know how I feel.' As long as you make it clear that you don't expect anything, because you don't really have the right to expect anything, no offense.

    • I am not expecting anything but I will tell him I miss him and see what happens. Thanks!

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