Ok to text him now; Im missing him?

We broke up 3 fridays ago tomorrow. I miss him greatly and I do want him back. He was the one to break up with me but I don't know if he is having second thoughts, misses me or regrets it. He texted me last Friday to se how I was doing I responded the next day with an ok. He has been on facebook frequently; something he never really does. Could he be looking at my profile to see if I have been doing anything. Do guys do that? Well anyway I do miss him and wish we could have a second chance but im not sure if thats ever going to happen so I am not holding my breath but is it ok to text him to tell him that I miss him since he opened the line of communication. Im not saying telling him that will do anything I just want to tell him how I feel. Has anyone ever broken up with anyone and then they came back after awhile?
Ok to text him now; Im missing him?
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