How to act around your ex boyfriend?

This is for phone conversations/text messaging. He broke up two weeks ago and no contact during the time. Two days ago I sent him messages to say thank you for breaking up etc (reason was we are religious and it felt wrong to have a sexual relationship/temptation). And I'm much happier cos I've built friendships, hobbies and new work opportunities. He answered and I was really happy on the phone and he seemed happy for me. Then he said just get on with your life for now. Does for now mean there's a chance of being platonic friends?

Should I leave him alone or keep calling? Was it wrong to be positive? Did he resent me for being happy post breakup?


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  • Did you post this THREE TIMES?

    • Seems like it lol

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    • Yea but you can just ask again later.. if you feel like you don't have enough. Not post 3 within the same 5 minutes. That's annoying.

    • Haha true sorry that u feel annoyed haha! Heading to bed so might as well
      Anyway have a nice day haha God bless

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