Based on this situation what are the chances of getting her back?

Basically I was in a relationship with my ex for 3 years and 3 months both heavily emotionally invested and lots of wonderful memories and she truly is my best friend and I was hers! About 6 weeks ago she said she wasn't sure if she felt the same about me and the passion had gone from our relationship, not really having sex etc, but we still enjoyed each other's company, she said she wanted a break so we split up and it was extremely emotional for both of us. Over the 6 weeks we had been talking occasionally and even met for coffee once which was nice, she never really gave me a reason as to why we broke up, I knew her Facebook password from when we were together after accidentally seeing it, I never logged on but after her not giving me a reason I just had to know, I logged on and saw she had been chatting and flirting to some guy she works with during the last 3 weeks we were together (she no longer speaks to him) so I confronted her about it and she blew up at me (this was on Monday this week). She came to my work (a gym) and called me a stalker and she never wanted to see or speak to me ever again, however the next day she came in and spoke to me just hi and goodbye etc, she goes to America next month to work at a camp for the summer and she would always say she looks forward to catch up when she's back (before she had a go st me) obviously she did something bad and it's only been a week since I confronted her about it. Basically I'm asking what are you guys opinion on us possibly getting back together? (I'm currently not contacting her to let her cool off)

based off what I'm feeling:
i feel she's just exploded at me because she got caught out, while what I did was wrong I know.

we truly were best friends and she would always say she looks forward to a catch up and who knows what the future has Instore.

do you think she's missing me as much as I miss her (obviously I have no clue)

any help would be appreciated, in absolutely destroyed right now!


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  • My guess is she misses u just as much


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  • I feel your pain. I know you did what you did because you lost your nerve and I know you regret it.

    This experience will make you a better person. You will get better, slowly, and some days you'll feel fully well... and the next day you will feel like you fell into a black hole.

    But right now, start to guide your mind to the positive things you can remember. Try to think about when you first met, all the wonderful memories you have together.

    Try meditation if you're ready for it. It will give you perspective.

    And then start to realize that at the end of the day, it's not important that she be the one for you. You will find great love and it will be better for this experience. You now know what it feels like to act out of desperation and you won't do it easily again.

    Try to stop thinking about her, and stop gauging your chances. It's a waste of time. She will come back or she won't but pushing will only chase her away.

    Meanwhile, take gentle care of your own mind. Imagine your imaginary next lover, or your ex, seeing you right now. What do you want her to see? A sobbing mess? Or an enlightened person who knows how to relax and just take it easy and be by himself for a while, read a book or go fishing...

    Hope this helps.

    PS and oh, one day, when you have let go, or even right now, ask her to forgive you.


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