Why does my ex do this?

My ex and I have a fifteen year old together.We started dating in 1987. We dated for 9 yrs.. But we grew apart. Years went by. I have moved to another state. I found him on a social website. So why does he call me everyday? And it's always sexual with him! He all ways discusses sex with me, or brings up things that happened in our relationship!


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  • He wants to be sexual with you. Whether it's in hopes of one day having sex again or he is just enjoying phone sex.

    One of my friends ex husband's head would always pop up when he got out of a relationship. I know this sounds awful but he knew that he didn't have to put too much work into getting something sexual out of her cause they had obviously had sex before. So he just had to say a few nice things here and there and soon enough they were talking dirty to each other again, sending dirty pictures, and then having sex again. He knew if he went to a bar or anywhere else, it would take weeks to months to get that far. But with her, he already had one foot in the door. Unfortunately, he always moved on to another woman while he was still having sex with her.

    But it also depends on what he says. My friends ex made it clear he just wanted sex and she always was hoping for more. If your ex seems to want to relive happier times, he may just be looking back on his older life and wondering if you guys can spark something up again.

    But I would ask to be sure. Otherwise you might end up feeling used cause all you did was talk about sex for a few months and then he's gone out of nowhere.


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  • He wants you back, trying to remind you of the good ol' days--- at least for him.

  • he wants you back to fill his sexual needs ?


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