When is it good to stop calling?

I've tried calling this one girl 3 times (on way different days, weeks apart). The 1st 2 times there was no answer. The 3rd time her mom picked up. I asked if she could have the girl call me back. She said sure, but I never got a call.

Should I try calling her today? I'd really like to ask her out, and I would do it in person, I have the balls, it's just not convenient.

Jesus H. Christ! A little help please?
Just so everyone knows, I do talk to her at school, every other day at the most, twice a week at the least. I don't think she knows I even called the 1st 2 times, since I didn't leave a message.
The 3rd call I talked to her like a week later and mentioned "I called you. on *insert date here*" and she said "Oh. I was at Disneyland." (Ouch, not even a "oh sorry about that :/).Anyways. I do talk to her at school, but should I even bother trying?


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  • If she hasn't responded back to you after three attempts, you can either wait it out a full week, or just move on. If she liked you, she'd give you a call back. And whether you think it's convenient or not, it's better to ask her out in person, rather than over the phone. It bestows confidence. Good luck-


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  • she must be really busy or something else might have come up. Just wait for a response and keep busy till then. She may or may not call back at this point.

  • when she hates you


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