My ex broke up with me but keeps calling, what should I do?

My ex (who happens to live in my building) broke up with me a month ago for apparent fear of commitment. I was devastated and heartbroken like I had never been before. For the first week I ignored him but then he kept calling and sounding really depressed and we started bumping into each other.. and then we were hooking up again but without commitment. This went on for about 2 weeks but I always felt bad afterward, as he would still go out with his friends on the weekend. So I talked to him and said I wanted this to stop, and I wanted him to stop calling, so he agreed and said he understood my position. But 2 days later he calls me and texts me and I don't answer, then he comes over but I take a while to get to the door and he leaves.. then he calls me 5 more times later on the same day and I never answer. I want to get back together because I still love him. But he is driving me crazy, I don't know if I'm doing the right thing by trying to ignore him, and its so hard because we live in the same building!


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  • Ignore him.


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