Please, help: He Cheated On Me. Now What?

Me and my boyfriend of 11 months have been going through an extremely rough patch lately. For the last few weeks we've been on and off. Currently, we are not together and have been broken up for just a few days now. I just learned through a co-worker and mutual friends that during our relationship (near the end of our relationship) he had sex with a woman he works with. He also admitted to meeting another woman online. I am so incredibly hurt and distraught as this is the only time (that I know of) that I've been cheated on. I'm so angry and can't believe how intense the feelings of betrayal are. I feel ugly, worthless, unattractive and not good enough to have prevented my ex from seeking other women. I want to call his workplace and let his boss know that he's been sleeping with an underage co-worker (she's 17 and he's 23) but I don't know if it's a good idea or what the consequences of it are. I just need advice right now-- be as brutally honest as you need to be
Please, help: He Cheated On Me. Now What?
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