S/O after break up?

If you broke up with your S/O and they still wanted to be with you knowing they made a mistake or wanted to see about you would they look at social media, text you and hang with a mutual friend? Broke up with my boyfriend whom we were very compatible together ( same values, views etc and connected on all levels). He ran into a lot of stress and it caused him to seclude himself away from friends and me. He called it off saying he didn't feel what he thought he should and felt like we were not growing closer. I find that all to be crap because he closed himself off. We were so happy and great and now this. Anyway He texted me the other day and wanted to know how I was doinf. I said a simple I am ok. He has also been on fb a bit more and more than once a day. I don't know if he is seeing what I am up to. Our mutual friend also said he wanted to hang with him the other night which he found weird because they do not normally hang out a lot. He thinks maybe it is to talk about us or something but they never went out. Do guys and girls do all this after a breakup? and how would you know if he misses me and wants to get back? I might text him and just tell him I miss him


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  • Sorry! I feel ya!


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