He broke up with me because he couldn't give me the time I deserved?

Please help me out here, as I'm in so much pain. My boyfriend and I had been dating for a little under 5 months. I was so happy, and so was he. Anyway, during the latter half of this semester, he started getting really busy with school (he's an engineering major, and usually pulls all-nighters in the library). He wasn't able to hang out with me outside of class as much, although we did have one class together. Anyway, yesterday night, as he was walking me back to my car after our final exam, everything seemed fine. We were talking and holding hands like we always did. When we got to my car, he got really quiet and then it happened. He said that he was going to be super busy this summer and next semester with schoolwork (taking 21 credits) and grad school applications, and that he didn't think he could be my boyfriend anymore. He said he felt so bad for not being able to hang out with me as much as he wanted to, and that he just "couldn't forgive" himself for doing that to me. When I asked him if it was something I did, he said no, that I was doing everything right and that I was the perfect girlfriend. He just felt awful that he couldn't be the perfect boyfriend to me, and give me the time I deserved. All of this just broke my heart, because I never once felt that he didn't care about me. The entire time, his voice was shaking, and he was sort of gasping in between each sentence.

I'm just so upset right now. When I begged him to reconsider, he just said it wasn't fair to me. He said he really liked me, and he wished he didn't have to do this, but he thought it was for the best. He finished by saying we could go back to being friends, and that I could text him anytime. He then said that the timing was against us, and that if the feelings are still there in the future, we could try again. He just didn't know when that time would be. So what do y'all think? I know we weren't together for all that long, but I had a really good feeling about him. I can't explain it.
He broke up with me because he couldn't give me the time I deserved?
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