Why brag instead of leaving me alone?

My exgf cheated on me recently, although while we were dating claimed she loved me more than any other person she has ever been with. Since I've gone NC with her all she does is send messages about how sex with the new guy is so great, how muscular he is, how is voice is deeper etc, etc. Then after about three days of doing that she asks if im goin to talk to her again. I dont understand y if someone who cound another person they liked so much that they decide to cheat with and date this person that they would need to brag to an ex about them.

+1 y
She is now resorting to fake fb pages to try and contact me, even after calling me a coward for not responding to her messages. At first i thought it was because she still had feelings but now i think she is just desperste to thtow salt in the wound for her own ego
Why brag instead of leaving me alone?
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