How should go about this, and walk out with dignity?

So I met this girl online, and we dated consistently for about a week. We even slept over each other's places, had sex and she dropped the L bomb on me which I immediately reciprocated. She brought and left her stuff over to feel at home particularly her eye glasses, cell phone charger, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and shower sponge. I thought we had a lot in common, but a few days after I told her I got laid off, she started giving me the brush the following week. We kept texting back-and-forth nonetheless, I thought I was being paranoid, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

So far, we haven't seen each other in a whole month. She ends up losing her job, and has to move back to her old town. I offered to help, but she declined saying that she had somebody else helping her. Last Thursday I gave her an affectionate text but she didn't text back. The following day, I texted her again asking how she was, but she still didn't text me back. At this point, I really start getting suspicious. So I decide to pull some covert tactics and *67 her number. She doesn't answer. At this point, I decide to look up her Facebook profile and see if I could find anything that might be of intrigue. Turns out, she had posted that she was in a relationship on April 18 —two weeks after we met. The pieces fit to similarly to be a coincidence.

So I snapped a picture of her profile on my iPhone. My current plan is to drop your stuff at her old apartment for her former roommates/family members to give back to her, followed by texting her said photo saying, "I left your stuff at your old apartment. Don't forget to pick it up you immature, pathological lying, cheating, disingenuous bitch." Now as awesome as this would feel, part of me thinks that there is a better way to handle this. So I figured consulting you folks might be to my interest. Thoughts? I'm open to suggestions…


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  • *Drop her stuff off at her old apartment so whoever can pick it up can pick it up for her*

    Text- "I dropped somethings you left at my place in front of your apartment. I no longer had an interest in seeing your belongings in my place anymore. I wish you well with your boyfriend that you've been with a couple of weeks prior to seeing me. Good luck. Goodbye. "

    • Technically it'd be *after* seeing me... But your opinion is be serious but not profane?

    • Yes my opinion is serious. Did it help you in any way?
      Thank you for MH also

    • Weeeeell... read what I wrote in the other opinion. You be the judge…

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  • Just drop off her stuff, maybe leave out the abuse... you don't know for sure if she means in a rship with someone else, do you?

    • All the signs point to it I'm afraid. If you're blowing off a guy for a whole month, making up excuse after excuse not to see him, when you two seemingly had good chemistry after the first week of being together, and it turns out you weren't serious even though you confided to him that you blew off another guy just to see him, isn't it likely that you'd be blowing off said guy to see a different guy? Besides, if that wasn't enough, I confirmed it already.

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    • I ask her "If you were willing to confide to me about blowing another guy off while seeing me, why did you blow me off and to see another guy without being honest with me about how things were going between us?" Her reply was "Honestly I was afraid to." I grudgingly reply "is that the only reason?" Then she explained "And two the situation with my step sister wasn't good either she tried to control me and said if I was to continue seeing you while I was there and working she would kick me out and at the time I couldn't get kicked out while I was still working. I would have had no way to work and back and after I got fired I left. I was tired of being controlled" Then I replied "And you thought it would be best to see someone else without telling me that you had to move on, because it just wasn't convenient between us?" And then she said "It wasn't supposed to be anything serious between me and him just like I was seeing you but we weren't officially together."

    • Then I tell her "(Her name), you need to have the courage to not just be genuine, but to grow up. Otherwise, it just makes you a shitty person. That being said, karma is going to keep your life situation just as shitty. When you realize that, I hope you have a nice life." Then I blocked her number after that and we haven't talked since.

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