My fwb's went wrong but now I wanna fix it any ideas?

I met him in September, he wanted us to be friends with benefits and see where it took us. I was down for the idea, we hooked in 3 times, but I felt bad because my boyfriend and I were on a break and I told him this from before we hooked up so he knew. He stopped during one of the hooks up and said he didn't want to hurt me because he could see that I was hurt because of my boyfriend. But we continued. He left to visit his family in December for the whole
month and he remained in contact with his friends but not me. Until he saw me post something on fb about 2 weeks after he left and then messaged me constantly telling me how he "wanted me" asking for pictures, etc. Which I liked and was fine with. Then when he returned in January ofc I wanted to hook up with him again but he just shut me out. Saying "whatever happens, happens" I was confused because he chased me... So I didn't know what to think. I got upset and just did not say anything to him. On my birthday the 25th of January he messaged me asking to hangout again and I didn't want to because he shut me out with no explanation then expected me to just accept that he wanted me on his terms only. i haven't spoken to him until last week when I apologized for being immature about him shutting me out. And he said things happen and I don't need to apologize we spoke for a bit. And he said " I'm trying to focus on myself" now I don't wanna be a bitch or anything but I just wanna f*ck him again. I enjoyed it. But I really don't know how or if I should ask and we haven't spoken since last week. He does like to take control and lead but I don't wanna wait till he's ready. What should I do?


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  • friends with benefits = sex when he wants

    "let's see where it goes" means... "let's hope this leads to the bedroom"

    you should talk to a guy who doesn't bring up sex until they know your favorite cereal and middle name


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