How to apologize to my ex?

i am 17 year old. well i was in the relationship with my boyfriend was 4 months... we had 3 break ups. finally after the 3rd break up... he told me he wanted to break up bc of his and my mum happiness.. which i found truly appreciable... but i was not able to move on.. so he said he would ask his bestiee to talk with me as a counsellor.. i poured down my heart to his bestiee ( a girl ) .. i told one private information about me and him... bc i was confused about it... i told her he wanted to have sex... in order to create unbreakable bond.. i was confused about it... she got pissed off and asked my boyfriend... my boyfriend abused me like hell.. literally told me to die.. his bestie stood up for me.. in the end the break up was supposed to a mutual partition ended in horrible one.

first of all.. did i took bad step by telling such private info... if yes please help to ask an apology from my ex.. ?


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  • You didn't Did no wrong. You saved yourself good girl

    • Really? i just can't believe tbh...

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    • i always told him.. i would lose my virginity after my marriage... Virginity is huge thing for me. Its precious gift for everyone. from his bestiee , i came to know i was just a rebound in the beginning.. but later on he loved me.. when we were in relationship.. he told to have boobs like his ex.. he loves my bully's body.. he meant in funny way... is this a way to talk to a gf? this is my first relationship...

    • Hhh boobs like my ex g? That's funny. But he should not say that. He should forget her. And accept how your appearance is. Well if she said jokes it's ok but you have to know if it's joke or not .
      I don't have girlfriend yet

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  • No, he told you talk to the girl to be able to help you move on, and if you were to actually see a counselor you would be telling them EVERYTHING as well. I'm glad she stood up for you, take this as a great thing, you gained a really good friend and let go of a mean and nasty dude. He shouldn't be talking to you like that, ever. You did not make a bad move telling her, and you do not owe him an apology. If you REALLY FEEL BAD you can say "hey I'm sorry I told her our private info, but I was really feeling down and it helped having someone to talk to." That's it.

    • I was totally broken down.. i poured down my heart to her.. she understood me very well.. he wanted to have relationship.. he felt by having sex... we would create an unbreakable bond... which i found very disturbing.. my virginity.. is important to me... and should i need to feel guilty about this

    • No, you should not feel guilty about this. Your virginity should be important to you, and you should only give it to someone when you're ready. He can leave if he wants if he's not willing to wait but you don't have to compromise on this.

  • No if you're getting abused not matter what you need to tell someone, you don't need to apologize because he sounds like a twat. Why would you want to apologize to someone who wrongs you.

    • becuz i felt i broke his trust on me. He asked me to have sex with him so that we both can marry in future.. he was like Love is an emotion and sex creates a bond... i was confused about it. i asker his bestiee bc she was a girl.. she would understand my situation.. so yeah i did..

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