How do I get over him? Please Help.

So I like this one guy and Ill be honest, I've never had a boyfriend. He's great. We listen to the same music, laugh, and just simply have fun when we're together. I like him...a lot. Problem is that I don't want to. Because every time I like a guy, I always end up disappointed because nothing ever happens. So any tips on how to stop thinking about him, and get him out of my head? Please help!


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  • You shouldnt run away from the relationship because of what's happened to you in the past. Are you really going to keep running away from every good relationship you have? Let him know how you feel and go from there.


What Girls Said 1

  • Will you remain friends with him? Not thinking about him would be hard if you still chill with him. And how will you know that it will go no where until you try?

    I'm all for impulses because I hate thinking about the what ifs. ex. --What if I had told him I liked him, maybe he liked me back.

    But how I get over a guy is

    1. random hookups- I know it sounds skanky but, when I say this I mean being extra flirty and kissing boys nothing more. it helps me keep myself occupied with other guys

    2. time not seeing him- it helps until you are sure you don't like him anymore just not hangingout with him until then but still being friendly but, this comes with a price not being as close as before

    3. haha this one is obvious but, find a new crush even if you don't really like him make yourself be charmed by some aspect of another guy it will help you keep your mind enamored with a "safer" crush by it being someone you will like but not get hurt by liking.


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