The whole no contact rule? why not hang out with the ex. while look for new partner?

if we are open and understand the relationship didn't work. but we can hang out while look for someone new instead of being lonely?


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  • If I am interested in you and I learn that you still hang out with your ex, you will be immediately crossed off of the list of prospects. It looks like you aren't over the past relationship and I don't want to be the rebound!

    • well, when you meet someone new and its getting serious, then as a friend, you would say, okay, we shouldn't hang out as much and respectfully, you would introduce your new partner to your friend (that is if you have no more feelings from your ex.) feelings can fade and you can be friends no?
      i have no choice but to speak to my ex. husband all the time due to kids.

    • Having kids with the ex changes everything. You should be able to have a civil conversation with them because you will have kids in common for the rest of your lives.

      Otherwise, when people try to remain "friends" with their ex, usually one of them is harboring a hope of reigniting the romance and, ultimately, they will get hurt.

  • That sounds so sad. And a tad pathetic. To need to have someone you just for the convenience of companionship.

    • certainly you can call me that. better than feeling lonely. when i say hang out i don't mean to sleep with.

    • I know what you meant but I'm sure you are underestimating yourself that you can be alone. You can have guy friends (that is not your ex) or hang with friends or family. Also it makes just the transition more better.

  • The "No Contact Rule" is horseshit and will fail with near 100% probability. Do not do it.

    • sorry if i misunderstood... you mean okay to keep in contact?

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    • Not at all and absolutely DO NOT settle for F. W. B at all. That is the worst thing you can do because then you are just a doormat.

    • "For women, it fails because his penis is constantly on the prowl for new meat anyway. "

      so he is always looking for a new woman to have sex with?

      "So, you need to be in his mind if you want any chance at getting back together because his penis wants nookie and it doesn't care whether it's you or not."

      how do you get back, if he only wants sex from you. then you would become friends with benefits.

      "So, you need to be in his mind"
      what to do to be in his mind?

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