Why would he do this?

Why is my ex friendly to my face and so honest to my face but 'bitches' about me behind my back? It's been 10 months since we broke up and he was the one that ended the relationship. We have a lot of mutual friends so I see him occasionally at social gatherings. We were considering getting back together a month ago so I know he has feelings for me and I do for him as well they aren't that strong though, at least on my end its more like left over feelings. But the more negative comments I hear that he says about me make me really dislike him and realise how lucky I am to not be with him anymore. He seems very immature I would like to add I have never said anything negative about him since we broke up and I've never been anything but friendly to him.


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  • Did he start bad talking you before or after you discussed getting back together?

    • Well before he did it for a couple of months this was like straight after the breakup then it stopped for ages. Now he's back doing it again after we discussed getting back together.

    • He's probably upset about it. He probably originally started bad-talking you because he needed to feel justified for breaking up with you. If he didn't make you the enemy, he'd realize how stupid a decision it was. He realized it was stupid eventually, and tried to get back with you. Now, the only way he can come to terms with the fact that you aren't interested in him anymore is by bad talking you further. It's a very immature mentality and you should honestly probably just cease contact. From what you've said, he seems very two-faced and that means he's not an honest or trustable person.

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