Should I pick up the rest of my things from my ex?

my ex boyfriend was emotionally abusive to me during our relationship. i broke up with him over a week ago and i haven't reaponded to any of his texts or calls. today he just texted me saying that i left a bath towel, a pair of socks, and some other small stuff at his place. he asked if i want to get it from him. that would require us to meet up and see each other face to face. should i respond to him and meet up to get the rest of my things? they're not that important if he tossed them or whatever. also, another reason why i want to meet up with him is because i don't want to end things so badly. i wouldn't mind keeping in touch with him. but when i told my friends the way he treated me, they said that i should never speak to him again. what should i do?


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  • You could ask someone you trust to come along. Then at least you are with 2, ans let someone else know you're going there, since he has an abusive past.

    It's always good to end a relationship on a slightly better way, but don't be fooled by how nice he can suddenly be, because it's always a trap.


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