Is this his way of trying to get over me?

My ex was the one who ended things (we were on and off for a little bit) but recently would cross the friendship line (as in..he'd kiss me, lol). So one night he said he wasn't sure what he wanted, which wasn't good enough for me. He kissed me, but eventually I admitted that I still liked him but was keeping that under control. I figured if he wasn't sure about how he felt than it wasn't worth pursuing.

He texted me the next day, but didn't bring up the kiss. I figured I'd just let it go. We stopped talking as much and now we don't talk at all. He has a girlfriend now, which is fine. But like I said, we don't talk at all.

He's the one who kissed me. Why is he ignoring me all of a sudden? Did I offend him? We were friends before we started dating, so it sucks that we're not friends now. :-/


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  • Yes, it's clear.


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