Should I go holiday with my ex FWB?/BF? SOS Please help :( ?

we broke up like last week bcoz because:...
1. i will move to spain for 9 months... 2. he didn't want relationship... so i ended
A: But we both still hv feeling... B: we have been kind of living together for 8 months. so what should i do? i really miss him. and im sure he miss me too :((


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What Guys Said 2

  • Go have fun be you if it leads to sex well your on holiday better then having sex with a complete stranger but sounds like you haven't let go yet.

    • no.. it is very difficult to let go.
      he didn't even try that hard, if he really want to go then why didn't he try more? if he ask me one more time i would say YES! straight away. i feel so bad...

  • You two both seemed very confused about what you want. Your "break up" is not very convincing, so. . . go for it.


What Girls Said 1

  • No. If you've both made a decision to end it then leave and don't look back. If you go you will only make it harder for yourself. I suggest you let him know why you won't go and that if you're truly willing to fix things together then go, if not... just don't

    • i am not sure, i want to go but it will hurt me at the end but if we go im sure we will have a very great time together. :(( and we stop texting for 4 days now...

    • These temporary "great times" will add to your sorrow. You have to let go of everything if you both decided it's over

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