It's not you it's me breakup?

boyfriend broke up with me 3 fridays ago. He said it was nothing I did or did not do it had to do with him and how he felt. He has been dealing with stress and secluded himself for basically a month. After that he broke up with me and sai that to me. He said he wasn't feeling the way he thought he should and didn't see it progressing. I think his fault for secluding himself. I miss him a lot and want him back. Any chance of that? My freinds talked to his bff who we are all mutual freinds with and she told them that he broke up with me becuase he didn't want to bring me down. So im not sure what to believe but i will find out this weekend from her. Since the breakup he contacted me 2x to see how I was doing, and I saw him once but we wound up having sex. Something that I wish I had not but we did and it was passionate and after he held me really tight and i slept over. Do you think he still cares since he's initiating contact or what and if there could be an us again? if so how?


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  • It sounds like he is a little lost. It really has nothing to do with you and I know you're going to be thinking what could I have done differently or was I not enough. But you cannot think like that. He will realize in a couple weeks a couple months I'm not sure that he lost a good person. Just take this time to ReDiscover yourself. Do stuff you've always wanted to do but haven't you like art practice it. If your friends do yoga go to yoga with them. Broaden your horizons during this time and if he wants you back later down the road you can see if you want to be with back with him or not. I hope this helps best wishes to you

    • I know, but that saying one usually thinks it is them. I hope he does realize what he had. I mean we were happy and then when he fell into this it seemed like it just went downhill. I don't know if stress etc can cloud your judgement on things. He said it has been eating him alive and he thought it was something he put in his head but it was not, which I tihnk it could be because we are so great together on all levels even our friends dont know why all of the sudden change. Like maybe scared because were comfortable or what. The night i went over and we had sex we talked a bit after and he was talking in second person " this is how I felt when we broke up" and asked me if this was weird now which I said kind of. So I don't know if he's thinking differently now. He told me to text him later that day if i wanted so I did but he has not even looked at the message, so I don't know whats going on. Our friend is going out with him tonight so he is going to try and get the low down and tell him he made a mistake lol

  • I've had someone break up with me over that saying and I feel as though it is very cliche. Its way of saying I love you but I'm not that in love with you. That saying is a bit complicating to explain. He could probably still care if he is initiating contact with you don't get your hopes up though.

    • I'm not, but I hope maybe there is a slight chance for us again. Like I said he said one thing to me but supposively told his bff another which I am going to find the answer this weekend. I guess we will eventually see how he really feels

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