Girls, Does she really hate me?

I met this girl last summer in July and during the time between then and February, she's always been trying to get me to be her boyfriend. I always kept saying no because I was still in love with another girl and I didn't want to ruin my chance of getting her back if there ever was a time i could. But i started losing hope on her and then i knew no one else would wanna be with me so then i said yes to her. So then we dated (kinda) for over 2 months. It honestly wasn't any different then how we were when we were just "friends". But during the whole relationship, i never felt any happier, instead i was feeling more and more depressed.. and then right after i said yes to her, that girl i liked came back around and texted me for the first time in a few months and i was still in love with her.. then recently we haven't been talking very much to each other.. she'd always end up leaving while we're texting or she'd fall asleep without saying anything.. she always told me that she'd always love me no matter what i did or say and that she'd never leave me. She asked me if i wanted to break up with her for any kind of reason and i said "kinda" and i told her it was because i wasn't any happier, how we werent close lately, and that i wasn't in love with her like she was with me.. then she got all upset and really mad at me and said that she hated me and wanted nothing to do with me... So does she really hate me and want me gone? or is she just saying that and doesn't really mean it?


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  • She probably does hate you for breaking her heart, but i don't think it's the kind of i hate forever, i think it could be temporary if your willing to get her back. But i don't think you are since I'm guessing your gonna get back together with the other girl you actually like.

    • She told me that until i figure out how to love her like she loves me, that i shouldn't bother talking to her..

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    • I do, just not the same way she loves (or loved) me

    • Okay, i say send her a last message where you explain yourself and tell her you love her but just not how she loves you, then tell her if she still wants you to leave her alone that that will be the last time you text her. Then it's up to her if she texts back okay if not okay she'll eventually get over it.

  • Did u have sex with either of these girls is on of them online girl?


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