Is he cheating on his gf? Whats his intentions?

My ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for two years. We both are in relationships. The first year of us being broken up he tried everything to have sex with me. Inviting me over, sending me dick pics and trying to remind me of the sex we had. I never want to get back together. Ever. Sometimes I would just ignore his texts cause I started dating someone new and I don’t want to be with him.

Going on two years. He tells me he’s sorry about how we broke up and that he never cheated on me while we were together. Then he asks me about my current relationship. He said, “Are you two serious? Are you dating him to get married or just to pass the time? If he dies today how would you feel about it? Then he started telling me about him and his girlfriend having issues. How she’s a jealous woman and wants a baby and he’s not ready for a baby. I gave him advice about what to do with his girlfriend and left it at that. He said, “You were cool. When we dated we didn’t have issues and the only problem we had was that you were moving out of state and I could not deal with that. I like hanging out with you. We never argued we didn’t fight like that”
Is he cheating on his gf? Whats his intentions?
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