Why does my exboyfriend get mad ?

why my ex boyfriend get mad?

Why my ex get mad when I tell him we can't be friends?

I don't understand him, my ex dumped me in January he is not cheating me he is just having many changes in his life so we talked because from the beginning he dumped me with any explanations, but he said he want keep as friends, also said when he have his life back many things can change, that he hope to see me again, and he can't forget about me but he get mad when I tell him if can't handle a friendship with him, then he told me why we can't just keep the good things, why we have to fight and make it a complete broken relationship... and he also said IM HIS BEST FRIEND, we meet and start dating we had a beautiful relationship and he screw it and he get mad when he said: I didn't fool you I'm not having another relation at same time bla bla bla ... and he told me you go find someone better and well I told him NO YOU GONNA FIND SOMEONE BETTER THAN ME because you dumped me and hope you really find a woman like me (I really loved him from my heart was a pretty love) and he said I wish you the same at the end of the talk he started to talk more calm and friendly

, I still love him, i wonder why he get mad if he dumped me or he have mixed feelings


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  • He doenst know what he wants. So give him his time. Let him Be. its hard yes, I m passing through the same thing, but show him you just need your space too. think about it, he does care about you cause he wants you as a friend but yet he doesn't want commitment. think about yourself here. that's hte most important thing!


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