Am I the bad one here? My ex thinks she hasn't played with my feelings and judges me saying "I haven't changed"?

ok, my ex broke up with me 8 months ago, a months back she came back and apologized and said she wanted to fight for us and she is willing to do whatever it takes bla bla bla bunch of bullshit people say when they think they might lose you.

Everything was great until we had some arguments, first one was because she went on a date with a guy and didn't tell me, she said it wasn't a date but to avoid misunderstandings like that the only thing she had to do was talk to me. Later we had another problem because she went out with some friends and i saw her on snapchat dancing with one guy (grinding type of thing) got home drunk and barely texted me, she did that twice and the second time she was high and drunk. I told her thats that girlfriend material attitude because it doesn't seem right she is doing that stuff and planning on getting back with me. She said that she is single and she can do whatever she wants and she won't wait for me forever (im living in another city for now, moving next month).

After that argument I apologized if she got offended by the not girlfriend material thing and i tried to talk to her to sort things out and just set some boundaries in which both would comfortable, but she said no and went on saying things like im the same thing she left and she doesn't want anything to do with someone like me, that we should stop talking for a while and if i move there and things are meant to be then time will tell but for now we shouldn't talk (nonsense tbh).

I proceeded with the non contact mad at her, I deleted her from every social media, and on twitter I tweeted things like "time has taught me whose worth fighting for" "women that workout are the best" and RT something like "when your ex tells you "i miss you" its because the one they tried to replace you with failed"... oh yeah and something about her mom adding me back on ig.

She was stalking me and sent me Dm's telling me to cut the crap on twitter and that she is tired of it
I know that I tweeted unnecessary things but at the end of the day its my twitter account, I told her she was exaggerating because I didn't say mean things and she is just looking for an excuse to cause drama and blame me for everything as she is used to.

she was the one that said no contact and came back hitting me up looking for ways to have an argument, and i feel judged and sub estimated when she says i haven't changed. im upset because I feel she played with my feelings, but for her is ok.


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  • Sounds like it's a good thing you two are not together. You aren't the bad one. She is just being immature. If someone is honestly trying to get back with you and truly wants you back, they are not going to be grinding on other guys or going on dates.

    You may be in another city, but by the sounds of it that was only temporary. If she truly loved you, she would have made the effort and sucked it up for the time being. Lots of people have long distance relationships and make it work. If it is possible for you to move to her city, then she would have seen it was only temporary.

    in my opinion I feel like she definitely lead you on. Perhaps she wanted what was familiar. But you don't deserve that. Find a woman who is going to stick by your side and not only want back in your life it it's all on her terms.

    Your feelings matter too!

    • she blames me for everything and says im selfish because I only talk about my feelings and not hers, but she was the one that led me on and then changed her mind.

      And yeah, she doesn't seem to really love me that much, not as much as I do (wish i didn't).

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    • I would cut all contact with her, as it seems to only be prolonging your pain. Also, she is only toying with your emotions. I had an ex like this. He kept saying he wanted me back. I found out he was talking to other girls in our relationship. And he ultimately broke up with me for this other girl he thought was 'better'. However, when she found out he broke up with me for her, she was upset and refused to talk to him anymore. She didn't like that he was so willing to do that to me that she saw that as a huge red flag. Then he wanted me back. But I have refused to go back to him. I'm not someone's option and I'm not a play thing. I'm a person with feelings. Actions have consequences and she will learn that from losing you. But you need to do what is best for you and cut her off. Spend time with friends and keep busy. The feelings will fade and you will feel so much better! :)

    • the big pain ended months ago, right now im just upset because of the high hope she gave me.
      And im moving away in around a month so the only thing to keep me busy will be finding a new job and working out since i won't have any friends out there. (yes, im moving close to her, kind of) ...

      and I get your point, I really need to learn a thing or two about self love because I think I lost it somewhere in this relationship.

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  • Just leave that bitch be man.. Focus on something else

  • Leave her she's using you. She said it's not date it's so it's what? And the dancing is what? If you will not leave her she you will run out of energy soon and will lose your mind with that kind of women.

    • What about my tweets and her bullshit about them? Are those tweets a big deal? Of course im sub tweeting her but its my twitter and im not disprespecting her with that.

    • Block her delete your tweets if you want she will blame and throw everything on you and make herself the angel you will lose more time and more energy with time if you keep discuss and talk with her cut ties is the solution run from her asap

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