Did my boyfriend lost interest in me or are we over?

I been with my boyfriend for 8 months. He broke it off 5 months ago saying he feels like were only but friends which I was really confuse and begged me to be friends afterwards. so I said yes even though I was upset then after 2 weeks he wanted to hang out so I said sure. We surely didn't act like friends more like a relationship again and went back out again. Recently I haven't seen him for 2 months and haven't heard from him over 3 weeks. Last time I was with him, he was acting distant and quiet. He really haven't been texting me for 2 weeks after that. I drunk text him why I haven't heard from him and if he isn't interested in me anymore I understand. Next day he replied saying not the case and told me he has been busy. Then I haven't heard from him since then and texted him what's up and told me this time he was sick trying to get over it. The conversation was short it was like hey how are you and that was it. Now I haven't heard of him or seen him since 2 months ago. It seems like he lost interest in me and its over. I don't understand what I did wrong and he went all Casper on me. Im really hurt and I haven't been in a good mood or want to hang out with anyone. I been really mean to friends and family because im really hurt. I'm scare to text him because I know I won't get a response and it will make me feel even more worst than I am. His friends and family told me he doesn't talk to a girl this long. He will only talk to a girl for couple days, stop talking to her, and move on to someone else. Im really confuse and hurt by all of this. Did he lost interest in me or is it really over this time?


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  • unfortunately, you're dealing with someone doesn't know what he wants... so don't blame yourself, cuz you still have a pure heart and he's just a liar.
    I know you've a lot of questions, but staying in a relationship with that person will consume all your feelings and will make life taste so salty in your mouth.
    you've to think about making your life better than hunting him to hurt you again.
    you're hurt, cuz you gave him the priority to be a guest on your heart... comes when he wants and leave when he wants.

    Don't be afraid to be honest with yourself, cuz you'll make your life better if admitted and accepted the truth.

    Good luck...

    • Thank you for your opinon! You are right about he doesn't know what he wants! I always thought about that and I'm just wasting my time with someone who doesn't know what they want. I want more and I guess he doesn't 😕

    • u welcome.
      give yourself more attention, cuz your heart and your mind need to take some rest.
      make him past and live your life, it's never too late to be happy.

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  • First of all, don't hurt yourself for this behavior.
    I would say yes, he had lost interest in you assuming you both had romance in past.
    He doesn't want to say directly to stay away, but he want that.

    He surely will text you if he feels like having that fun.
    It is a kind of he is using you for pleasure.

    Don't spoil your career and life for him. If he loves you he should make you feel that love.
    Don't carve for dating with anyone.

    Take care.


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