First Cousin Breakup. I started dating my cousin my sophomore year of high school. My dad was active duty military at the time and we had just?

moved to a new state. I always felt so alone after moves. My parents were never really close to me or my sister. I had also just broken up with someone before the move. It was to easy to fall in love with the only person who was there for me through this tough time in my life. And with only a 4 hour drive between us, my first cousin and I decided to date in secret. We called eachother everyday and became very close. Fast forward 2 years to our first break up. I didn't want to be together any more. Not because he was my cousin, but because of all the times we emotionally hurt eachother. We just weren't compatible. After the breakup, I couldn't stand that I had caused him pain. So I told him I loved him and that we could try again. Two years later, after cheating, threats of violence, emotional abuse, a promise ring, and comming out to our immediate families, came our second breakup. Shortly after, I dated someone I though I was going to spend the rest of my life with. My cousin gracefully accepted that I was in love with someone else and might have even been happy for me. Then my boyfriend went to airforce basic and I never heard from him again. I ran back to my cousin for a shoulder to cry on. I wanted to be close again. I wanted the person who knew me best to be my friend and family again. But my cousin still had feelings for me. Shortly after, I meet a boy at a shitty job that was different from anyone I've ever met. We have been in a loving, fulfilling relationship now for 3 years. He knows about my cousin and my cousin knows about him. Now my partner wants to come with me to my family reunion this summer. My cousin and I are trying to be friends again but I don't know what his current feelings towards me are anymore. I love my boyfriend and I care about my cousin and I can't shake the guilt of them being forced to meet each other. I don't want anyone to get hurt. Any advice on what I could be doing to make the reunion as painless as possible?


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  • The guy you're dating must be extremely weird or stupid. I would never in a million years date a girl who had a incestuous relationship with her first cousin

    • He is a special man =) He accepts me even with my flaws and my cringe worthy past.

    • I'm happy for you since you were able to find someone who accepted you but I still think it's morally, and legally wrong that you dated your cousin and just disgusting overall. Did you actually kiss, have sex and do stuff like that with your cousin?

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  • Your cousin probably cares about you deeply; he will be glad to see you with someone who treats you well and makes you truly happy. Will there be a little jealousy? Sure. It's just an emotion. I am sure he can handle it. And so can you. :) Our feelings don't have to control us.


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  • WTF? Please be bored trolling. You weren't compatible bc he is your damn cousin. I actually have no advice for this. Just that dating someone not related to you is a great and healthy start.

  • Move on. You should have seen this coming. You have someone new in your life and your cousin is going to have to accept that.


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