Sometimes 2 people have to fall apart to realize they need to fall back together?

Do you sometimes believe that saying
" Sometimes 2 people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together"

In a sense I believe this and am going through a breakup that I thought I would be with this man for a very long time. We are so compatible have the same values, wants and interest and connect on every level. He fell into a state of stress and within that month closed himself off from me and friends. After that month he told me it was nothing I did or did not do it was him. he said he was not feeling that we grew closer or felt what he thought he should. We broke up and it was the biggest shock of my life and to everyones. Since then he contacted me twice once every weekend to see how I was doing, and last weekend I saw him and went to his house although it was late at night. We wound up having sex and Me sleeping over. He told me to text him later If i wanted to so I did but he has yet to respond and this is on Sunday. I know he has been going out with his freinds so i dont know how he really is feeling about this breakup. I know he usually does not go out much and stays in and plays video games so this is something different. Do you think there ever could be a chance for him to come back? Like we needed to fall out in order to realize just how much we want to be? If he continues to contact me is that also good? I know he could also just want sex but it seemed like more. We cuddled he held me tight etc. I will find out the real reason for his breakup this weekend because Im seeing his bff and have heard a different story besdes the reason he told me. He told her he didn't want to drag me down during the hard time he's facing.


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  • I believe that quote sometimes when it come to family and tight/close friends but with bf/gf hell no.

    There are many times people have the same values, wants, interests blah blah and one way or another it does't work out. That's just how relationship are. It's hard for you right now but you'll get over it. Just don't divulge it and obsess over it so the healing can begin quicker.

  • He's full of shit and you've been manipulated. Of course he'll fuck you. That's all he's wanted and with no strings attatched. You fell right into his trap

  • i think that sometimes people have to break up to realize how much they really want to be with each other

    but your guy seems to be exploiting this notion to essentially party and have a good time unencumbered by a relationship. this is not necessarily wrong but it is wrong to break up under the auspice of something else.

    perhaps he will realize that his relationship with you was better but i sure as hell wouldn't wait for him or count on it. I also would actively look to move on with my romantic life

    • Yeah, I am not waiting but it would be nice if something did happen because I do love him but I am not waiting forever even though it hurts. Not sure if this is how he is coping with things? he's not partying per say just going out with his guy freinds who he has not seen in a while. Like i said this is what he told me when he broke up with me, but my friends talked to his bff whom is one of our mutual friends and she told them a different story, but I will find out what was really said.

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