Should you be friends with your ex or not?

Basically I know we won't work out in the long run because my parents don't like him, he's 23 and hasn't studied/work, he never takes me out and I buy all the groceries and video games and cook for him. But most of all he didn't love me.
He calls after a week asking if we could be friends. I asked r we gna stay that way when u get a new girlfriend and he said no because of the relationship we had. Honestly I was heart broken :( but what's the point if he's going to ditch me for his new girl even when I want to be platonic friends?
So I said don't ever contact me again, I have awesome friends, I need to grow as a person and you're in the way etc. and blocked him on everything
now I don't know if I should've said yes to being friends
Should you be friends with your ex or not?
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