NC for three months now- Will he ever come back?

My ex (32) and I (28) had been dating for 3.5 years, and were married for 4 months, when he broke up with my this past February. It came out of nowhere. Our relationship was amazing- He told me he loves me every day, he seemed super happy with me, spent all of his free time with me, we traveled the world together and we were so lovey-dovey all the time, even after 3.5 years. We lived together as well. Just this past NYE he sent a self-made 'Happy new year' card with a picture of us to the whole family. I felt so loved.

There was only one problem: He was pretty weird about marriage. I'm a traditional person and made it clear from the beginning that I want marriage one day, and he seemed fine with that. After three years of dating (last summer) I came a bit impatient and brought up marriage. First he reacted bad about it and said that to him, it's a useless piece of paper. We had a couple of fights about it, but then it seemed like we resolved the problem when he said he's fine marrying me, and since my visa expired just months later (I moved to his county to be with him) we agreed to get married in the courthouse and have a small get-together for friends and family a year later. He even bought a ring (200$) when I told him I want one, but he never gave it to me. He kept saying he's waiting for the right moment, but that right moment never came.

NC for three months now- Will he ever come back?
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