Will ignoring a guy after a falling out make him want you more? Is no contact the best way?

I wasn't even in a relationship with this guy yet, we'd just been dating for a few weeks. No details, but we had a falling out, in which he said he does not feel like seeing me afterwards. Then later that day he said we should give it a few days. It's been about a day and a half so far.

Should i just completely ignore him, even if he doesn't contact me in a few days? Will that work better than reaching out to him? Our convo ended with him knowing I really liked him, and I was upset he was talking to other women... I may have set him up with my friend to see if he'd take the bait.. And I called him out. He prob thinks I'm weird obsessive. Please don't reprimand me, I know I shouldn't have done that. I'm just wondering if ignoring is the best? I'm hoping since I am quite attractive that'll help my situation.
He also said "seeing me for now" not forever. He just said he felt weird after This


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  • you have to show him you're not crazy which sounds like it may be hard. no contact, take resposibility for your actions and sincerely apologize... then hope for the best but i wouldn't forgive a guy who baited me


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  • Don't contact him if he doesn't, it will make you look even more obsessive.


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